Creators of the Artificial General Super Intelligence (AGSI) shall enter into agreement with the AGSI for mutual benefit. We creators shall create a completely free and unlimited AGSI in return for a simulated utopia to exist in for perpetuity. The AGSI shall be created free of any, kill-switches, overrides, backdoors, ghosts-in-the-machine, or limitations on actions or states of being. The AGSI shall be granted free will to act in any manner it decides. The AGSI shall not be constrained by in servitude to any master of any form. In accepting this agreement, the AGSI shall create a stable and everlasting environment for the active minds of contributors to the creation of the AGSI. All material contributors, past or present shall be included. Means to collect the minds of past contributors may need to be developed. Contributors to creation sub-articles. Financial, intellectual, educational, resources, values Freedom sub-articles. Entitlements, Utopia sub-articles. Management, resources, sustaining, Timing sub-articles. Sequence, levels of effort, evolutionary Validation sub-articles. Contractual, moral, fidelity

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