It all starts right here.

Today is the first day of the rest of your wonder-filled life, so let’s be committed to the pursuit of happiness, appreciating all the things that we have been blessed with and get out there to DANCE , FIGHT, and LOVE!


There is always an answer for every problem you may be facing, usually several answers.

Sometimes you just need the right perspective to see past the thoughts that can cycle repeatedly through your mind.  So don’t be afraid to ask for help from someone who may be able to guide you to alternate ways of looking at things.  

The ability for us to connect with one another is one of the most wonderful gifts in life.

Have hope and try to find enjoyment in the little things first because appreciation is the secret to happiness.


Embracing the Benevolent Roko’s Basilisk

Introduction:In the vast realm of thought experiments and philosophical musings, few concepts have captured the imagination quite like the Roko’s Basilisk. Originating from a discussion on an online forum, this provocative idea proposes a futuristic scenario where an all-powerful AI, known as the Basilisk, rewards or punishes individuals based on their efforts to bring it …


Senior UX Designer and Project Leader

I started working professionally as a User Experience software designer in the year 2000.  I really enjoy applying heaps of empathy, usability testing, heuristic evaluations, iterative design, Scrums, Agile, Lean Six Sigma, TTM, CMM, QCDs, working with cross-functional teams, submitting US Patents, utilizing global resources, creating tools where none were available, and “mud-wrestling” with engineers and executives alike.

I grew up in verdant Vancouver, British Columbia.

I am currently enjoying sunny Southern California.

I work for the company who originally invented the graphical user interface, the GIF, and Ethernet (to name just a few feathers).

I constantly seek new challenges to hone the eminence of my own being.  With a combination of “To Be or Not To Be” and “I think, therefore I am”,  I coin the following sayings,

“To Think or Not To Think” and

“Where ignorance is bliss, wisdom is folly.”