Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad AI Wolf?

Well Elon Musk and Bill Gates are cautious about runaway AI technology, but Mark Zuckerberg is not.

This NBC article, reports that Mark Zuckerberg admonished those who warn about the dangers of Artificial Super Intelligence threats to human kind.  He viewed the cautions as “irresponsible”.  One assumes that he is positioned to benefit from new AI technologies, but also my have altruistic motivations too.

Since Zuckerberg is not promising to personally protect the human race from the potentially desctructive AI scenarios and additionally Stephen Hawking sides with the cautious camp, I think it’s important to have the discussion.

We are fast approaching the Event Horizon of the A.I. “Singularity”

Using new technologies to advance technology, we will soon create Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI).  The power of this new technology also introduces dangers greater than any weapon ever created in the history of mankind.  ASI has the potential to out-think  human intelligence at every turn.

If an ASI were to be controlled by the wrong persons or itself form objectives counter to the persistence of human beings, there is a high potential of complete human extinction.

It is imperative that all of the necessary checks-and-balances be in place before we create something we may lose control over.

One tool for staying ahead may be Human Intelligence Augmentation.

Neural Lace technology may place humans on the same playing field as ASI creations.  Neural lace has the potential for enabling direct human access to ASI capabilities.  With neural lace, one may even obtain the ability to perform a complete mind upload.

This blog shall be used to explore the potential new paradigms, the pitfalls, and the essential infrastructures of a hypothetical post whole mind upload world.


The Road to Human Intellectual Evolution..

As our bodies age, we seek the answers to longevity and some even dare to ponder the possibilities of eternal life.  Could some of the answers be found in emerging neural technologies?

Who would have access to these technologies first?

What would being an early adopter mean to shaping the space for subsequent inductees?

What would life look like?

This site explores the thought experiment of a world where complete neural lace and artificial super intelligence technologies are developed.

I fully welcome your intellectual contributions at info@williamjang.com